National Health Information Technology (HIT) Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

The National Health Information Technology (HIT) Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) will focus on patient portals and electronic medical records as an impartial group of patients and families who are committed to improving the ability of technology to support the patient physician relationship. Partnering with patients and families, we aim to focus on technology issues related to patient portals and identify opportunities to inform the development of electronic health record systems, patient portal development and implementation messaging to all patient populations

We began meeting in May 2018 with a focus on navigating to your physician notes through your patient portal and found many discrepancies between each Advisors experiences. The council is looking forward to informing improvements made in patient portals with a specific focus on the uptake of OpenNotes. In 2019 the HIT PFAC decided their focus would be in developing the perfect patient portal, increasing the utilization of patient portals, and support OpenNotes with data collection.

Products of the National HIT PFAC

Virtual Visit Patient Guide

Virtual Visit Patient Guide (Spanish)

Perfect Patient Portal One Page Information Guide

National HIT PFAC Perfect Patient Portal Slide Deck

Thank you to all of the National HIT PFAC Members!

Rosie Bartel, Co-chair – Wisconsin
Lindsey Galli, Co-chair – PFCCpartners
Britta Bloomquist – Minnesota
Lisa Danielpour – Ohio
Bruce Hanson – Iowa
Barbara Kivowitz – California
Jan Lambert – Utah
Janice Tufte – Washington
Melissa Wurst – Missouri
Libby Hoy – PFCCpartners

For more information about the National HIT PFAC, contact Lindsey Galli at