PFAnetwork heat map 3.7.19
This is a map of where our Patient Family Advisors are located across the country.

The PFAnetwork is a national network of patients and family members who are seeking to reinvent the healthcare system by harnessing their experiences to become effective Patient Family Advisors. Advisors of all experience levels are invited to join the PFAnetwork to:


Apply to be a PFAnetwork Advisory Board Member

The PFAnetwork Advisory Board will direct the activities, inform priorities, and grow the capacity of the PFAnetwork to be a resource to its members and healthcare professionals. The Advisory Board members will collaborate with PFCCpartners staff to meet the rapidly growing demands for skilled Advisors to co-design a person-centered health system. Please fill out the application below by April 8, 2019. The PFCCpartners team will review the applications and send application decisions by April 19, 2019.

PFAnetwork Advisory Board Commitments

To apply for the PFAnetwork Advisory Board click here.

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