PFANetwork Workgroup (National PFAC)

The Current Call to Action is to get members of the 400+ PFANetwork community to assist with the co-design of the proposed Mission and Vision Statements below. If you have any feedback or concerns please contact Libby at


Mission Statement: Create a network of thoughtful and prepared Patient and Family Advisors grounded in an authentic partnership approach to co-design policies, research, and care delivery.

Vision Statement: Facilitate a community of highly engaged Patient and Family Advisors that grows each of it’s members competencies in partnering to co-design effective healthcare systems, processes and policies across the country.

This Workgroup will meet on the second Wednesday of each month at Noon PST.  All are welcome to contribute to the discussion and planning.

Please log on to the PFANetwork Virtual Meetings on Zoom:


Telephone: +1 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 872 321 887

International numbers available:


Virtual Meeting Materials

PFANetwork Slide Deck 8.9.17

PFANetwork Slide Deck 7.12.17

PFE Network Overview to PFCC Partners

Pre-Admissions Checklist 7.31.17