Meet the Team

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Libby Hoy, Founder/CEO

As the mother of three sons living with mitochondrial disease, Libby has 20 years of experience navigating the healthcare system. Libby began volunteering as a Parent Mentor in 1995 and has been working to improve health systems and empower patients and families to be active partners in care ever since. In her role as the first Family Advocate at Miller Children’s Hospital, she developed the Parent Advisory Board and created the structure for the long term integration of the Patient & Family voice within the organization. Libby has presented at multiple national and international conferences on subjects related to Patient & Family Centered Care practice.  As a consultant, Libby strives to share the evidence, practices and methods that support PFCC culture in health care organizations.

In 2010, Libby founded PFCCpartners to create a community of patients, families, providers and health care organizations committed to the shared learning of Patient & Family Centered Care practice. PFCC Partners also established the PFANetwork, inclusive of more than 150 Patient Family Advisors working in healthcare settings across the country to partner for improvement in the quality, safety, experience and delivery of healthcare.

Libby has served as an Advisor to Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI),  Partnership for Patients, Institute of Medicine (IOM), National Quality Forum (NQF) and as Faculty for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).  In these and all efforts, Libby strives to build the infrastructure and capacity for healthcare organizations to engage all patients and families, from the bedside to the boardroom.

Libby lives and works in Long Beach, California.



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Stephen Hoy, Chief Operating Officer

Stephen is the Chief Operating Officer at PFCCpartners. He graduated the University of Denver Daniels College of Business in 2014 with a focus on Business Management and Statistics.  After graduation, Stephen began working in hospital/healthcare performance improvement first by means of simulation, and now by promoting the engagement of Patient Family Centered Care at PFCCpartners.

His passions include skiing, cycling, fly-fishing, camping, and surfing.  Diagnosed with mitochondrial disease as a child, Stephen has extensive experience in balancing his care with his hobbies.  Growing up so deeply involved in his own care has given Stephen a profound view of how patients and families can be used as a resource across all stages of the healthcare continuum.  These experiences are the building blocks of his full-time involvement with PFCCpartners.



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 Lindsey Galli, Director of Education

Lindsey Galli is the Director of Education at PFCCpartners. After graduating from California State University, Chico in 2011 with a degree in Business Management, she began her professional healthcare experience. She started in the Safety Department of a large integrated healthcare system and eventually partnered with PFCCpartners to integrate Patient Family Advisors on to improvement teams of that same organization in 2015. Lindsey works remotely in Sacramento, CA and enjoys going to her son’s baseball games, cooking healthy meals, running, and traveling with her family.

As the Director of Education, Lindsey supports organizations and Advisors alike to partner and collaborate authentically and promote improvement in their organizations. In 2016, Lindsey was in the hospital for 9 days, diagnosed with multiple blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary emboli) and a blood clot in the leg (deep vein thrombosis). She now uses this experience to bring the patient perspective to all efforts at PFCCpartners. This includes partnering with healthcare organizations to develop patient family engagement strategies across the country.



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Laura Jackson, Office Administrator

Laura graduated from CSU Stanislaus in 2013 with a BA in Communication Studies and a minor in Theatre Arts. Although her career in the healthcare field is just beginning, she has been involved in her own healthcare most of her life. Being diagnosed with Acute Sacral Agenesis, Laura has been in and out of hospitals most of her life. At age 12 is when she traveled cross country to Boston Children’s Hospital with her mom and grandmother to have a life changing surgery. Looking to tell their story, Laura and her mom came across PFCCpartners and felt so passionate about the work they do. Laura joined the team in August of 2018 and has learned so much in the short time she’s been here. When she’s not working hard with the PFCCpartners team, you can find Laura at the beach, theater or theme parks.