1. Why should I join the PFAnetwork?

There are many reasons to join!

  • Connect with other engagement opportunities
  • Meet other patient family advisors (PFAs)
  • Expand your skills as an advisor
  • Better influence healthcare improvement on a national level
  1. I filled out the membership survey, what do I do next?

Once you fill out the membership survey you will receive an email from Laura Jackson (laura@pfccpartners.com) introducing the different activities in the PFAnetwork. You will also get an invite to join Yammer where you can connect with other advisors in the network. In the meantime, you can join the PFAnetwork on Facebook and Twitter and find new engagement opportunities and keep up with what’s going on in the network.

  1. How do I update my information on the survey?

You can fill out the survey more than once. Or you are more than welcome to call the PFCCpartners office at 562-961-1100 and we would love to hear more about you and your experiences.

  1. What is Yammer?

Yammer is an online community for the PFAnetwork members to connect with other patient family advisors and hear about skills development and engagement opportunities. To learn more about joining Yammer, watch the instructional Yammer video here.

  1. What is the connection between PFCCpartners and the PFAnetwork?

The PFAnetwork is a program supported by PFCCpartners. PFCCpartners collaborates with our healthcare system to create space for the patient and family voice. PFAnetwork members lead the way by bringing their unique perspectives and passion to that space.

  1. What is an engagement opportunity?

Engagement opportunities are the ways in which the patient family advisor (PFA) can share their voice and partner with the healthcare system. PFCCpartners gets requests for PFA’s to be a part of multiple types of opportunities. They can range from speaking engagement to technical expert panels to scholarships for conference and meetings.

  1. Where do I find new engagement opportunities?

There are a couple places to look for open engagements:

Some engagement opportunities request specific types of patient experience or skill set. In this case we will use the answers provided in the membership survey to match PFAs to certain opportunities. When this happens, individual advisors will receive an email.

  1. How do I sign up for skills development opportunities?

When skills development (or training) opportunities arise, you will receive email notifications where you can register. The upcoming skills development opportunities will also be posted in Yammer, on the website and on our Facebook and Twitter.

  1. How do I apply the training to my work as an advisor?

Preparation is required to be an effective advisor. Each skills development session is different and always highly interactive. You will gain a broad understanding of the inner workings of the health care system. From quality improvement to measurement, you will develop your skills as an advisor that will increase your capacity for partnership. The opportunities will also provide you with basic, tangible examples of how you can put your new skills to work.

  1. What if I can’t make it to a virtual meeting?

The best place to catch up on what happened during the virtual meeting is on the monthly newsletter that comes out on the following Friday after the meeting. We also record the meeting each month and put it up on the website. Click here to see past virtual meetings.

  1. Is there a fee to join the PFAnetwork?

The PFAnetwork’s mission is to make space for all patient and family voices. Because of that there is no fee to join. We seek to provide compensation for your efforts to the best of our ability on a case by case basis. Additionally, all trainings are free.

  1. Does my healthcare organization have a Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC)? How do I join it?

There are a few places within a healthcare organization that a PFAC would fall under. Typically, a staff member in the quality, patient experience, or risk department would know if the organization had a PFAC. Organization’s with PFACs usually share information on how to join in waiting rooms, organization websites, patient portals, etc.

If you have any other questions, please email Laura Jackson, Office Administrator at laura@pfccpartners.com.