The Compensation Workgroup is made up of PFAnetwork members and is guided by the commitment to increase the diversity of the patients and families that share their lived experiences to improve healthcare and serve in the role of Patient Family Advisor (PFA). A PFAnetwork member stated that “volunteerism is a privilege”. This has been a guiding statement for the workgroup. The workgroup aims to develop a call to action that leaves space for anyone with a passion to become an Advisor, who may not always have the resources to. Finally, we believe in the need to acknowledge Advisors who continue to represent the Core Competencies of Effective Advisors in their partnerships.

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Compensation Guidance

The Compensation Work Group came to a conclusion on January 14, 2020.

Thank you to all of the Compensation Work Group Members!

Bev Crider *Co-Chair
Joe Connell *Co-Chair
Desiree Bradley
Dave White
Joan Maxwell
Dorthea Handron
Rosie Bartel
Katie Cascamo
Michael Mittelman