2020 PFA Summit

PFCCp NQF logoPatient Family Advisor (PFA) Summit on Healthcare Measurement

January 28, 2020
National Quality Forum, Washington DC


The PFA Summit on Healthcare Measurement will facilitate actionable dialogue between researchers, measure developers, policy organizations, clinical experts, patients and family caregivers. This co-design opportunity will focus on strengthening approaches to engage the patient and family perspective in developing and using healthcare measures. Bridging technical wisdom and lived experiences will ensure that we move toward measures that are more meaningful. You can expect to learn from progressive work being done currently, and to collaborate with experts around problem-solving existing barriers to engagement. Patient family advisors participate by application and national partners by invitation in the coming weeks.

Meeting Objectives

  1. To increase the capacity of Patient Family Advisors to participate in all stages of measurement development.
  2. To increase the capacity of measurement professionals to meaningfully produce and report quality data to PFAnetwork Members as representatives of the broader consumer voice.
  3. To identify future opportunities for partnership to strengthen the all phases of measure development.

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With support from Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)