2019 PFCC Conference


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If you attended the 2019 PFCC Conference you can download the slide decks here.

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The 2019 Patient Family Centered Care Conference is an opportunity to join peers and colleagues from across the country and across care settings to learn together about emerging PFCC practice.  Healthcare leaders, clinical staff, researchers and quality improvement professionals will learn new strategies for maximizing the partnership with patient family populations to meet organizational priorities.  Breakout sessions will be presented by healthcare professionals and Patient Family Advisors they partnered with to co design solutions.  The day is filled with practical tips, generous sharing of resources and ample inspiration for growing your PFCC skill set, whether you are just starting or more mature on the PFCC journey.  See you in Los Angeles February 4, 2019!  


Visit our official webpage for the 2019 PFCC Conference here for more information.